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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Barn Quilt?

A barn quilt takes the concept of a quilt square, just like one you would find on a cloth quilt in your home, and recreates it on plywood or composite aluminium (which is lightweight and durable). The plywood or aluminium square is then displayed on a barn or other structure for passers-by to enjoy.

The idea is that the bold colors, size, and graphic features of the barn quilt can be seen at a distance when hung on their roadside canvases.

The meaning of each barn quilt can be rooted in family tradition or a way to give a typical red barn a unique feature.

Who Can Enter?

Anyone! We accept individuals or groups of all ages.

Do I have to be a professional artist to participate?

No, all levels and experience are welcome

Will I get my Barn Quilt back after the contest is over?

Yes, you can take your barn quilt home.

What is the entry fee?

The entry fee is $100 payable by cash, card, or cheque (made out to: municipality of Oliver Paipoonge Ref OPHP)


Contest Timeline:

Sign up: In person at the Train station or contact us via 807-475-7424 or opmuse2@tbaytel.net

Deadline: September 20/ (Drop off between 9am & 4pm)

Submissions Displayed: September 22 at the Village Heritage Craft Day

Judging: September 22 3pm at the Village Heritage Craft Day


Entry Rules

Each design should not exceed 4×4 ft in size. Oliver Paipoonge Heritage Park will supply one (1) 4×4 foot piece of plywood. We do not cover the cost of paint or any other supplies.

Wood can be stained or painted.

The patterns design is up to you but should reflect the quilting traditions and appearance.

  • Geometric Quilt Patterns: Typical of those found in sewn quilts
  • Freeform Quilt Patterns: Designs that utilize geometric shapes that don’t necessarily radiate out from the center of the square.

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