Russ, if you were listening, I hope that we did you proud, amidst the clap of thunder above the tent shelter at OPHP this morning.

The friends, relatives and students of you and Elaine, enjoyed some very heartfelt and sincere reflections and remembrances of your endeavours throughout your life, with the encouragement of Elaine, your partner of 47 years.

You definitely left an impression on the community, within which you lived and thrived, and in which you practiced your craft; a craft, I will call it, that craft of being a teacher, an instructor, a life teacher to the many young minds that grew up in the rural schools, and some city schools, where you and Elaine called home, never expecting anything in return, apart from knowing that you were imparting your knowledge and personal wisdom to them, so that they could become  good citizens in our community.

I believe that you have achieved this – Ten Fold…

As I reflected on the wonderful group of good folks that were in attendance at this celebration / memorial, who filled the tent to overflowing, and also the voices of family and friends, who had great remembrances of you, I now know what a passionate, solid person you were always working to achieve what was good for the community.

So, to you, I commend you, for your endeavours, through your collections, but also through your passion for the historical preservation of not only the automotive / racing history, but of our history, as broad and varied as it is in the Oliver Paipoonge community, that we must preserve and encourage to folks and  the younger generations to be aware of going forward.

The Oliver Paipoonge Heritage Park is a wonderful ” Show Case ” and a ” Show Piece ” for this history.

Russ knew this in his heart and his desire was to ensure that it will remain and thrive for future generations.